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Global Coworking Unconference Conference

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) event is coming to Shanghai this year. Regardless of whether you took part in last year’s event in Beijing or you missed it, this year’s event is not to be missed!


November 11th -14th, 2017


800•Show, Shanghai 

(No.800, Changde Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China)

    GCUC pronunced "Juicy"

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference(GCUC) is pronounced "Juicy" and it's a big, juicy wave of awesomeness that's changing the face of work as we know it. We're coasting on a wave of accelerated serendipity, making the future of work happen in a whole new way. Founded in 2011 by Liz Elam, GCUC has become a major coworking conference worldwide. 

GCUC first landed in China in December 2015 with its first annual summit taking place in Shanghai, before moving to the capital Beijing for the next event in September 2016. 2017’s conference promises to bring all-new upgrades to the summit! Not only will the event bring together global leaders from the co-working space world to share, exchange and create ideas for the future of the industry, but it will also assemble key figures from the fast-growing sharing-economy at home and abroad. You will also be able to enjoy some of the hottest hip-hop music as well as wonderful debates.

   ▼ GCUC already covers the whole world; since 2008 more than 20 events have been held in more than 10 countries and regions.


GCUC, founded in 2008 by Liz Elam in Austin, Texas, has been the world's largest coworking space industry conference series for eight years and was one of the such industry events globally. GCUC is pronounced ‘Juicy’, implying the rich and juicy era of new office concepts that are currently transforming our perceptions of traditional office styles.


GCUC 2015 was held from 4th to 5th December in Shanghai through P2. This event, marking the first time that GCUC had entered China, aimed to bring together domestic and international co-working space pioneers and leader to discuss the current and future state of the industry in-depth, exchange ideas on business philosophy. GCUC 2015 aimed to contribute to the creation of a friendly competitive environment, in order to better promote the sector in China as well as Asia on a higher level, and to better benefit entrepreneurs.

•   700 guests in attendance

•   50 VIPs from China and abroad participating

•   40 guests participating in the summit session

•   25 government agencies and partners supporting the summit

•   215 media organizations covering the event

•  15 organizations among the first batch of members for the Coworking Space Industry Alliance



Using the current state of development of the coworking industry as a basis, the conference placed a greater emphasis on ‘shared synergies’ and ‘value innovations’. The event also covered more aspects of the industry compared to year before, and included discussions on real estate, construction, start-up incubators, creative industries parks, apartments, capital, design, furniture, business services and the media. GCUC 2016 also introduced a training camp concept for the first time.

•   1000 guests in attendance

•   120 VIPs from China and overseas participating

•   80 members took part in the training camp

•   60 guests took part in the summit session

•   42 government agencies and partners supporting the event

•   369 media organizations covering the event

•   21 organizations received awards

•   11 exhibitors on show

•  3 companies announced information on new products 


   2017 GCUC CHINA

This year’s GCUC China comprises six main parts:

  • Space Tour (Nov.11)

          Visits to top-level domestic coworking spaces, incubator and creative technology park

  • Camp (Nov. 12)

          Chinese and foreign lecturers work together to build an industry training camp

  • Conference (Nov 13. – 14.)

  • Unconference (Nov. 14)

          Expert audience present spontaneous lectures and discussions, as well as themed workshop

  • Industry standards and industry annual report released (Nov.13)

          Release of authoritative industry information and standards, analysis of industry data

  • Product exhibition (Nov. 13 – 14)

          Cutting-edge products and services from domestic and foreign exhibitors on display, covering office and lifestyle

2017 Agenda


13:00-17:00  Space Tour

First Stop: People Squared · Hero Center

Second Stop: Workingdom Plus · Jingpin

Third Stop: URwork · Ximalaya

Fourth Stop: naked HUB · Loushanguan Lu


13:00-13:30  Check In

13:30-14:00  Experience exchange of space tour

14:00-14:10  Opening Speech

14:10-15:10  Industry: Analysis of Global Coworking Development

                     Speaker: Founder of Deskmag, Carsten Foertsch

15:10-15:20  Break

15:20-16:20  Design: IP is more

                     Speaker: Founder of Roarc Renew host designer, Robben Bai

16:20-16:30  Break

16:30-17:30  Technology: IT-Glory and Dream of Coworking

                     Speaker: Founder of Gewu Consulting, Han Xu


Conference & Unconference

2017 GCUC CHINA Ticket Notice

   Five types of tickets available for 2017 GCUC CHINA:

A. Full Package

    Includes: Space Tour (Group tour with full guide, Nov.11) + Camp(Nov.12) + Two-day Pass of Conference(Nov.13-14) + VIP dinner(Nov.13)

     Price:RMB 3888 / USD 590

     Limited to 100 tickets

B. Two-day Pass + Camp

     Includes: Two-day Pass(Nov.13-14) + Camp(Nov.12)

     Price:RMB2888 / USD 430

     Limited to 80 tickets


C. Two-day Pass + VIP Dinner

     Includes: Two-day Pass(Nov.13-14) + VIP dinner(Nov.13)

     Price: RMB1988  / USD 300

     Limited to 30 tickets


D. Two-day Pass + Space Tour

     Includes: Two-day Pass(Nov.13-14) + Space Tour (Group tour with full guide, Nov.11)

     Price: RMB1588 / USD 240

     Limited to 100 tickets


E. Two-day Pass

     Includes: Two-day Pass(Nov.13-14)

     Price: RMB1288  / USD 195

     Limited to 30 tickets


GCUC China



类型 结束时间 单价 选择数量

Early Bird (Two-day pass of Conference(Nov.13-14))

2017-10-25 13:00 $100

Two-day pass of Conference(Nov.13-14)

2017-11-14 18:00 $195

Two-day pass(Nov.13-14) + Space Tour (Group tour with full guide, Nov.11)

2017-11-14 18:00 $240

Full Package Includes: space tour+camp+two-day pass+VIP dinner

2017-11-14 18:00 $590

Camp(Nov.12) + Two-day pass(Nov.13-14)

2017-11-14 18:00 $430

Two-day pass(Nov.13-14) + VIP dinner(Nov.13)

2017-11-14 18:00 $300


2017-11-11 13:00 - 开始

2017-11-14 18:00 - 结束

  • 中国 上海 静安区
  • 800 · Show


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